About Dr MB Nemukongwe

Born in Limpopo, an enthusiastic, dynamic and goal-driven professional, Dr Moyahabo Nemukongwe is a histopathologist with extensive experience in her field of practice. She holds master’s degree in Anatomical Pathology and is currently a part-time Senior Lecture at Sefako-Makgatho Health Sciences university. A mounting interest for cytology inspired her to further pursue her studies in cytopathology and is currently studying for a master’s degree in cytopathology with the University of Stellenbosch.

A special interest in patient care and management encouraged her to join the Sefako-Makgatho Lymphoma working group, a group of pathologists and clinical hematologists whose main focus is to improve diagnosis and management for patients with hematological malignancies.

The leadership and management skills that she possesses lead her into the role of acting head of department of the SMU Anatomical Pathology unit, a position that she held successfully from October 2016 to March 2018. During that period, she enhanced departmental growth and managed to attract new academics, both locally and internationally.

She has served in different academic committees including the curriculum development committee of SMU as well as other academic platforms. She is a non-executive board member of the Sechaba research center, a community-based organization that conducts relevant, ethical and cost beneficial research for the local community and partners.

Dr Nemukongwe is the founding director of Pulse Path solutions a company that she founded in 2018 with the vision of continuously training medical students and professionals to prepare them for the dynamic field of medicine. The company also provides several awareness programs for women health issues with special emphasis on timeous diagnosis and management of breast and cervical cancer.

Teaching and Training:

Dr Nemukongwe has successfully set up several mentoring programmes for both undergraduates and post graduates students. Her passion for teaching and training encouraged her to set up student support groups for mainly undergraduate students. These assisted in student academic progress as well as the general performance and improved pass rates.

Other Team Members

Dr R. Maphotho

Chief Operating Officer

“An expert in the application of her knowledge, intellectual and practical skills to understand and manage the complex healthcare needs of individuals and society”
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Dr R. Maphotho Chief Operating Officer

Mr P. Chauke

Chief Financial Officer

“Phillip has extensive experience in banking, finance and business management . He completed his undergraduate at the university of Stirling specializing in Accounting And Business (honours).”
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Mr P. Chauke Chief Financial Officer

Mr K Rampe

• Laboratory manager

“Work Experience: Laboratory manager at the following places: .Microbiology department in MEDUSA NHLS .TB Lab in Braamfontein NHLS .Microbiology department in Rustenburg NHLS
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Mr K Rampe • Laboratory manager

Ms Pulane Omphemetse Moteme

• Medical Technologist

“Institution: Tshwane University of Technology 2013-2019
Studies: National Diploma: 2016 Bachelor's Degree: 2020
Work Experience: NHLS:2015-2017 Lancet Laboratories: 2018-2019”

Ms Pulane Omphemetse Moteme• Medical Technologist

Leading Transformation in
Private Laboratory Services