Mr K Rampe

About Mr K Rampe

Work Experience:

Laboratory manager at the following places:

  • Microbiology department in MEDUSA NHLS
  • TB Lab in Braamfontein NHLS
  • Microbiology department in Rustenburg NHLS

Educational Background:

  • Published an article in The Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection 2004,19(3-4):96-100 on Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains using Insertion sequence IS 6110.
  • Regional Training Course on Conventional and Molecular Methods of Susceptibility Testing of Drug Resistant tuberculosis from Stellenbosch University
  • Have a Master of Technology degree in Biomedical Technologyor Technology

Other Team Members

Dr M.B Nemukongwe

Chief Executicve Officer

“Born in Limpopo, an enthusiastic, dynamic and goal-driven professional, Dr Moyahabo Nemukongwe is a histopathologist with extensive experience in her field of practice.
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Dr M.B Nemukongwe Chief Executive Officer

Dr R. Maphotho

Chief Operating Officer

“An expert in the application of her knowledge, intellectual and practical skills to understand and manage the complex healthcare needs of individuals and society”
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Dr R. Maphotho Chief Operating Officer

Mr P. Chauke

Chief Financial Officer

“Phillip has extensive experience in banking, finance and business management . He completed his undergraduate at the university of Stirling specializing in Accounting And Business (honours).”
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Mr P. Chauke Chief Financial Officer

Ms Pulane Omphemetse Moteme

• Medical Technologist

“Institution: Tshwane University of Technology 2013-2019
Studies: National Diploma: 2016 Bachelor's Degree: 2020
Work Experience: NHLS:2015-2017 Lancet Laboratories: 2018-2019”

Ms Pulane Omphemetse Moteme• Medical Technologist

Leading Transformation in
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